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Here are some instructions for caring for you case. 

What you should expect?

Your case may come with a little resistance when closing. This is normal. Your case is build of solid wood and during the build pieces become a little warped or slightly bent. We secure the case tight and make sure that everything lines up correctly, over time the case will settle into its new closed position, eventually giving way to a nice and easy closing motion.


Our shops are not always the tidiest, we admit it. We do the best we can to clean the cases off when they are shipped but sometimes the packing may leave a residue on the case. To clean, just use regular window cleaner on the acrylic. If there are stubborn or even an oily residue from the finish you can use mineral spirits to clean off the oily residue, and then follow up with glass cleaner to clean up the mineral spirits.


Our mattes are made from corkboard covered with felt. This allows for easy arrangement and rearrangement of the metals, ribbons, or pins your service member may have. While this corkboard is strong enough to hold metals and pins, if you are planning to hang something with significant weight please use at your own risk. Please exercise best judgement when securing items in your new case.

Flag Area

We make the flag area based on the best information we have for the expected dimensions of a folded flag. Sizes do vary slightly from flag to flag. If a flag has been sitting a long time or has been stored with items on top of it, it may require some adjustment to fit your flag in the case. Please exercise best judgment here. 

If the rare event that your flag does not fit, please contact us with pictures, well get this worked out. 

Sash Locks

The sash locks we are are simple and easy to use. You may find that there is a little snugness to the sash lock. This normal on a new case and will settle in time. Please be patient, the case will eventually settle into place as it sits in the locked position.


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