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These beautiful cases are a perfect way to honor your loved ones service. The beautful Walnut is finished with a beautiful oil finish to that brings our its gorgeous grains and deep dark color. Encased in crystal clear acrylic, the  window provides a easy way to display all the medals, ribbons, and even documents you loved ones have earned during there service. The flat black matte finish is backed with cork board so you an easily add and remove items as needed and allows for an easy way to rearrange the display case in just the right way. Cases are secured shut with sash locks that will keep your items enclosed and safe. 



These cases are dsigned to hold a display flag (3' X 5').



Inside: 12" X 18"

Outside 13" X 19"

Semper Case 3' X 5'

  • Accetable Returns

    • Case is damaged due to shipping
    • Case is wrong configuration
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